A value investing reading list to help you cut straight to the good stuff!

Finding needles in a stack of needles

How did a lawyer from Omaha become one of the most successful investors of all-time?

Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

How salespeople use cognitive biases to persuade others

Mental Model Lollapalooza

A view from fractal geometry

What does the coastline of Great Britain have to do with project delays?

Platonic Objects

How thinking backwards can change your life

Mental Model Lollapalooza

The Building Blocks of Rational Decision-Making

Mental Model Lollapalooza

How Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger got rich hunting for moats

Mental Model Lollapalooza

A repository of the articles I’ve written about mental models

The Mental Model Lollapalooza Catalogue

How the eighth wonder of the world can make you unimaginably rich (if you live long enough)

Mental Model Lollapalooza

The Most Important Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett’s Favourite Book

Photo by Lalaine Macababbad on Unsplash

David R. Phillips

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